A cohesive brand system and design deliverables recreated for a handwritten shop sign by expanding the intended meaning and leveraging a visual vernacular.


The chosen sign was from the shop named ‘African Outlet’. A traditional tiny shop that lures San Francisco locals, with its broad range of unique African decor items, cultural goods & jewelry. The primary intentions of the shop sign was to promote the authenticity and unique selection of their products. The second intention was to get more customers to walk into the store. Based on the study of the sign board, the new branding direction was to leverage the visual vernacular of  a traditional African souvenir shop. The new visual directions were inspired from the authentic African textile block print and typography styles. The deliverables shared a vibrant palette and patterns created for each category and product imagery that educated and promised an unforgettable experience in the shop.

Website_sample_African Outlet2Website_sample_African Outlet3
Website_sample_African Outlet4Website_sample_African Outlet5