Anuja Selva is a User Experience and Visual Designer based in San Francisco Bay Area.


A passionate & experienced UX designer skilled in end to end shipping skillsets–Research, UI, UX and execution; trained for accessibility standards; designing for all platforms; developing cohesive design systems; and communication for cross functional team collaborations. Have worked with a wide range of consumer and SaaS products like Facebook, Google, Microsoft (LinkedIn & Skype), Leanplum and Gensler. Looking forward to working with me on your team? Contact at


Design Advisor (June 2012–Present), San Francisco, CA

Facebook | Product Designer (Nov 2020–Present), Menlo Park, CA | UX Design Advisor (Jan 2020–Present), Santa Clara, CA

LinkedIn | UX Designer (Oct 2018–Sept 2019), San Francisco, CA

Google | Visual Designer (Jun 2017–Sept 2018), Mountain View, CA

Punchcut | Visual UX Designer (Mar– Jun 2017), San Francisco, CA

Leanplum | Visual Designer (Feb –Dec 2016), San Francisco, CA

Gensler | Brand Designer (Jun–Aug 2016), San Francisco, CA

Leaf Design | Sr. Designer (Jun 2011–Jan 2012), India

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