This project required a complex topic which could be simplified through content, info graphics, charts, illustrations, and photography. The final deliverable would be a typographic system in the form of a book and E-Publication for Ipad.


‘Dance as art form’ is the chosen complex topic which focused on Bharat Natyam, a classical Indian dance. The movements of an authentic Bharat Natyam dancer resemble the movements of a dancing flame and is considered to be a fire dance. Some components of this dance are expression,music, rhythm and the particular movements. In relation to its basic techniques, this dance can be called a geometric dance form. (As) The dancer begins from the vertical standing position and begins carving geometric shapes along the dance floor. Having these attributes in mind, the book was also designed with a glossary, simplified text and illustrations. The design of this book would inform people who are unaware of the dance and take an interest in the subject. This book was later translated into digital publication which is responsive to the orientation with fluid layouts and interactive visual, where people can download this book and read it on their iPad.

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