This project required a topic proposal. Based on the project topic there was a need to identify its relevant audience and stakeholders. Then, create and implement compelling visual elements in a variety of media that work together as a cohesive system.


Intertwine’ is a platform for crafts people to collaborate with entrepreneurs to gain better marketing skills and visibility for their creativity. For centuries, art and handcrafts have played an important role in the religious and social lives of indigenous people all over the world. ‘Intertwine’ would create a sustainable world for artisans, designers & entrepreneurs. This organization would also build an inspiring community action to develop a sustainable livelihood through learning design, enhancing their skills and develop markets for themselves. This community will encourage artisans to participate in corporate events and activities to showcase their skills. The curiosity in both artisans, designers, and entrepreneurs to get to know about each other across the world would be bridged through activities, and interactive events conducted by this organization.

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