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LinkedIn has 260 million active users and the sharing ecosystem currently is responsible for approximately 3M members creating 9M pieces of content weekly. The late 2018 version of share box design was addressed with tremendous drop rates for post completion. The challenge here is to identify the problems associated with the existing share a post UX and help members in creating posts which in return offers them with valuable engagement.

Role: Lead UX Designer | Team: PM & Design & Eng Manager, other pillars design leads, Art Deco team | Duration: Nov 2018–Dec 2018

2018 LinkedIn Sharebox:

2 steps to complete a post

Difficulty in discovering visibility or distribution settings 

Required Framework level improvements
Usability flaws

Frictions before completing a post 
Significant drop in number of posts

Member pain points

Sharing to LinkedIn can be intimidating for novice members, often leading to drop off or a poor performing post.

Lack of discovery and no clarity on post’s visibility settings and distribution

Lack of engagement from right members on their posts & no motivation to create post

Fear of repercussions since their actions are tied to professional identities 

How might we improve sharing experience to be consistent across pillars
and make features easily accessible?

Visual explorations for visibility button

Three potential directions for visibility & post composition

Modal view, clean and focused space for composition of the post, but double modal looks odd.

Full-screen modal view, destination labeled. Avataar is smaller and profile tap target missed. 

Full-screen modal view for immersive content. Focused tap target actions for editing post attributes only.

Framework improvements

Better containments for usability differentiation media vs content types. Also bringing back hashtags for better distribution of posts.

Sharebox UX flow

End to end from starting to composing a post to completion with required settings.

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