To translate a chosen film director’s ideology and vision into a complex set of materials that function together as a unified aesthetic and as an integrated visual system.


Symphonic Dissonance is a film festival to honor the most celebrated Italian director Federico Fellini. Influenced by the psychoanalyst Carl Jung, he developed a distinctive style of cinematography and storytelling. His power of visualizing the story is an experience, that cannot be narrated verbally. He instead had the tendency to emphasize images over ideas, which have you thinking about his movie. Fellini’s movies are also based on his personal dreams and how he balanced his life in reality and in his dreams. Derived from research, the theme of this film festival focused on “A theory of irrational belief which is left open for interpretation”. And the common thread that connects all his movies is “An escape into dreams to survive the hollow contemporary realities, by masking their emotional disturbance. Not sure if they are content and have overcome the moral conventions and unresolved guilts.” Thus visual language and system for this project got translated into dreamlike and psychotic visuals that would engage the audience from the fast paced disrupted era.

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